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How can a PTSD dog help?

Updated: Jan 8, 2018

Any psychologist will tell you that when a person is suffering from depression or PTSD the best remedy is having a relationship, a bond. But because much of the struggle with PTSD and depression can be tied to a human relationship, having a relationship with an animal is a very effective solution and starting place.

Man’s best friend is called that because of a dog’s ability to care and be patient and loyal. Having no former conflicts the human sufferer can work out issues within their own environment and mind, on their own terms and in their own time because a dog will always be there like a friend that has your back through thick or thin.

Additionally, a PTSD trained dog has been trained to do all the general commands and is obviously house-broke. But perhaps the most important factor is the dog’s personality. Not any dog can fit into the mold of a PTSD dog. A matter-of-fact, I’d say one in twenty would make a good candidate for training because it requires a dog often called a wallflower type personality. They are laid back, don’t get rattled easily, easy to maintain and just patient with their human partner.

A well-trained PTSD dog will cost about $750 and sometimes more. It is important that the disabled person have the opportunity to test out a PTSD dog and over time decide whether the bond works or not. If the relationship clicks, the healing can begin.

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