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How service dogs assist army in Afghanistan

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a war-stricken country. US army invaded Afghanistan in 2001, following September 11 attacks, to eliminate the Taliban groups and Al-Qaeda. The operation was initiated under the name “Operation Enduring Freedom.” To win this war against terror, thousands of soldiers were sent to this land. Seventeen years have passed since the launch of the combat, but the battle continues.

Despite having a massive influx of upgraded heavy machinery and weaponry, there is one creature that still retains its position as the most significant support to the soldiers, and that is SERVICE DOGS!

I am a working dog.

My eyes are your eyes, to watch you and protect you and yours.

My ears are your ears, to hear and detect evil mind in the dark.

My nose is your nose, to sense the invader of your domain.

My life is yours!

Service dogs, also known as assistance dogs, are the well-trained dogs that help disabled personnel like crippled soldiers or with visual or hearing disabilities, etc. There are special schools specifically established to coach them. These dogs are appropriately trained under specialized instructors for years to aid soldiers in the war. They assist them in carrying out different activities, on the battlefield, that they cannot do on their own.

Some of the services provided by the service dogs are:-

· Alert the owner of any threat nearby by giving them the signal like raising their claw or rubbing their nose on soldier’s leg

· Find someone or something using their senses

· Carrying medication and other material from one place to another

· Dialing 911 in case of an emergency

· Ringing the bell to notify the presence of someone

· Detecting explosives and bombs

· Giving support to the disabled soldier for transferring him to wheelchair

· Helping to navigate around the sharp edges or corners

· Opening or closing the door

· Giving company to the soldiers to prevent them from stress and anxiety

Some of these dogs are trained for specific disabilities like visual impairment or hearing impairment. They go through months, sometimes years, of rigorous training exercises. When they are good to go, they are sent to the war field in Afghanistan to serve.

If you want loyalty, get a dog.

If you want loyalty and attention, get a smart dog

(Grant Fairley)

Not just the combat but extreme weather conditions and loneliness, together, drive a large number of soldiers to depression. Depression reduces the efficiency of a soldier and in turn the strength of entire armed force. The service dogs help here too. They are known for their unconditional love for the owner. They give them company and make them comfortable and happy by showing care and affection towards them. They share their isolation and loneliness. They are the unsung heroes who, over the years, have proved their worth and saved many lives on the battlefield.

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